Nuts & Dry Fruits

Exotic Nuts and Dry fruits sourced & imported from its best origin across the country and the globe, then cleaned, sorted, processed and packed to make it a hassle free and easy to use product for any sort of food applications.


In today’s materialistic world when it came to developing Butter Scotch Nuts, the question was why can’t we keep it RAW and NATURAL - and we did so. We are happy to keep it near to Mother Nature… No added Colour, No added Flavour.

The naturally caramelised taste of Butter Scotch achieved with perfection by experienced hands with caramelisation of Sugar with Cashew. Natural, Crispy, smooth, golden brown, small and round nuts with visible cashew pieces of Butter Scotch is what we are known for.

No Added Sugar

100% Vegan


A praline is a type of sugary, nutty candy. Praline can be made with all different kinds of nuts, but the most classic flavour is peanuts. Nitin’s Peanut Praline is the perfect option for garnishing or just having it as it is.

100% Vegan

Blackcurrant Fruit

The fruit, the blackcurrants, are dark purple in colour, sweet & sharp to taste which is widely used as a main ingredient in Ice creams and also used as a dessert topping for various dessert preparations.


Cashew Nuts – Product of each country, each city, each occasion. Has usage from house hold to institute to industry. Almond is most worked upon worldwide to achieve various types and forms of single product. Evenly roasted, ready to use, available in different sizes as per requirements.


Peanut is an important crop grown worldwide. Being consumed all over the world in a wide variety of forms,peanuts have many applications in food Industry but now is finding its place in Ice cream applications too. Customizable in various forms as per usage.

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