1. Greek Dessert in Premix form
  2. 100% Eggless
  3. Deep fried dessert
  4. Plenty of serving options
  5. Hassle free, user friendly product with just water addition
  6. Does not require any special machines or equipment to prepare Loukoumades

Eggless loukoumades premix

  1. Hot Loukoumades belly when filled with melted chocolate, white chocolate and/or honey with Cinnamon gives heavenly mouthfeel.
  2. Dry fruits such as cut almonds or walnut pieces to top chocolate or honey dripping Loukoumades makes it a treat to taste buds
  3. Hassle free preparation - Add water to drymix - Ferment Batter - Drop dough balls to hot frying oil - Fill or top Loukoumades with variety of topping and serve hot.

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