Our series of Snow Stab-Stabiliser/Emulsifier blends for Ice creams, Kulfis, Ice Lollies, Syrups, and Jellies are different...

Because we listen to you and we blend as per your needs.

In our ready blend of Snow Stab each characteristic of the final product like melting, mouthfeel, flavour retention is taken care of with the quality of Raw Materials we use.

(Stabilizer / Emulsifier Blend for Hard Ice Creams)

The best made ice creams are incomplete without the use Of a good Stabiliser-Emulsifier. Snow Stab is a ready blend of Stabilizers and Emulsifier, tailor made for Ice creams. All ingredients are blended according to individual properties in suitable proportion to achieve desired results in an Ice Cream.


  1. Advantage of handling single product to achieve all properties of Ice Cream.
  2. Improves melting characteristics in different conditions.
  3. Improves body of the Ice cream with smooth texture.
  4. Prevents formation of Ice crystals.
  5. Provides flavour enhancement.
  6. Provides required over – run.

Snow Stab is a 100 % VEGETARIAN PRODUCT.


1kg Pack in 25 kg. HDPE bags

(Water Lolly)

Ice Lolly - A frozen ice with flavor or fruit juice frozen around stick, a known and very popular variant of Ice cream. Achieve a perfect Snow/Ice Lolly by using one of the most trusted product of Nitin’s "SNOW LOLLY STAB" with minimal dosage. The ingredients used in the formulation have been carefully selected and balanced for optimum performance in making of Ice Lolly


  1. Improves scooping / biting of Lolly.
  2. Improves melting resistance.
  3. Gives Freeze-thaw resistance in different climates.
  4. Retains the shape of the Lolly while in storage.
  5. Achieves retention of flavor till last bite.
  6. Prevents formation of white lining of ice on the body of Lolly.


Packing available in 25 Kgs., however custom packing is also available.

Kulfi Stab

Kulfi Stab is a ready blend of stabilizer for making Kulfi. "Kulfi" a traditional Indian Ice cream, prepared traditionally by boiling milk along with sugar. Addition of Kulfi Stab to the boiling milk can get great value to the Kulfi. In Kulfi Stab all the ingredients used have been carefully selected, balanced and blended for optimum performance.


  1. Build viscosity and gives body to the Kulfi Mix with lower dosages.
  2. Maintains the required moisture in the Kulfi which results in easy scooping.
  3. Improves melting resistance
  4. Prevents formation of Ice crystals over the surface of Kulfi on storage.
  5. Retains the flavor of Kulfi till the last bite.


Packing available in 25 Kg. bags, however custom packing can also be done.


Creamy Ripples, fruit sauces and syrups are needed for finest way of decorating desserts. Achieve perfect consistency, texture and taste, with high stability under different conditions by using Nitin’s Ripple Stab for making fruit sauces, fruit syrups and ripples. Use Ripple Stab in preparation of Ripple sauces in the most hassle free manner and make your Ripple sauces to the best.


  1. Nominal dosages.
  2. Improves texture of Syrup.
  3. No separation.
  4. Stable under different climates.
  5. Prevents coagulation of sugar after a period of time.
  6. Enhances the flow properties.
  7. Enhances flavor.


    Custom packing is available.

Softy Mix

Soft Serve or Softy, variant of Ice cream, normally made instantly by passing Softy pre-mix through machine. Achieve best Soft Serve by adding pack of Nitin’s Softy Mix in desired quantity of milk, churn, pass through Softy machine and Soft Serve ice cream is ready.

Softy Mix is a ready blend of Stabilizers and Emulsifier, tailor made for Soft Serve / Softy Ice creams.

Softy Mix Is a 100 % VEGETARIAN PRODUCT.


Custom packing is also available.


Making pourable Jellies, Jelly cubes are quite easy and hassle free now with just one product "CARAJELLO" Carrajello is a ready blend of Stabilizer for preparing Jelly. With just use of one product "Carrajello" you can achieve, REPOURABLE Jelly, used for various applications. Carrajello gives you freedom for making variety of Jelly formulations from soft Jelly to Hard Jelly with addition of very small dosage.

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