Surprising Health Benefits of eating Ice Cream

Ice cream market in India is on an upswing. Keeping pace with the economical growth of this vast country and fast increasing demographic of young people the ice cream consumption is growing at a fast pace.

Experts believe this is one of those food items which has tremendous growth potential in India because of two simple reasons-

  1. Compared to many developed countries where ice cream is treated as a habitual intake, in India it is still an aspirational and impulsively consumed food item treated mostly as a relief in the scorching summer, and so there is a huge business potential waiting to be unfolded.
  2. Increasing number of young people with more disposable income.

In recent times, the volume of ice cream sale has increased at 13% compound annual rate and expected to attain a CAGR of 17% by 2021, arguably the fastest in the world, which is likely to achieve billing over $1.6 billion by then. The market is buzzing with news of takeovers by MNCs and consolidations of major Indian companies to indicate that the ice cream industry is about to experience the thrust, as is the forecast.

Health Benefits of Ice cream

But do we really judge ice cream by its health values? I suppose not. We forget all health warnings and prohibitions when it comes to savouring ice cream. I haven’t seen anybody refusing eating this delicacy of snack or dessert. But for whom it matters ice cream contains the multiple vitamins , such as , vitamin B12, B6, D, C and E. It is also an excellent source of fats, proteins and carbohydrates which are essential nutrients for production of energy in our body. Additionally it helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones, PMS and depression. Details as given below:

A good source of vitamins

Ice cream is loaded with different vitamins like vitamin C, E, D, B6 and B12 as well as vitamin K. Vitamin K is an important element which thins the blood and thus reduces chances of blood clotting.
Ice cream is also a great source of elements such as, niacin, antioxidants, riboflavin and thiamin. These help to strengthen our immunity level and improve the functions of nerves and organs.

Supplier of extra energy

Ice creams have been found to be a good source of energy since it constitutes high amount of fat, protein and carbohydrate. Though calorie value of icecream is high moderate consumption of ice cream doesn’t result in weight gain. concern.

Source of some key minerals

Ice creams provide good amount of phosphorus and calcium which are beneficial to our teeth and bones. Phosphorus is necessary because our body can’t absorb calcium without the presence of phosphorus. As with bones it is also good for the health of our joints and for prevention of PMS in our body. Another benefit of icecream is that it improves our cardiovascular health and function of kidneys.

Prevents mood swing

Scientists have found a compound in ice cream that helps formation of thrombotonin which uplifts mood and reduces mood swings and depression by lowering the stress level. In addition ice cream helps to soothe the nervous system, promotes brain and reduces chance of insomnia.

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